Artist-in-Residence Program has been a part of Purnati since 2000, the first year of its existence. We invite individual artists of all disciplines to stimulate exchange of ideas and to inspire collaborative projects between artists and arts of Indonesia and the world.

resident photographer from New York

When I was accepted to become the Fall 2005 Artist in Residence at the Bali Purnati Center, I knew that I was going to have a very special opportunity to create art in a legendary place in the world. For the past 8 years, my work as a photographer has focused heavily on portraits, performances, ancient history and mysticism – all of which Bali happens to have an abundance of. After being here for 4 weeks, I can say that I have never seen a place in the world where friends, family, culture, nature and religion blend in such beautiful harmony. The genuine kindness and generosity of the people here, along with the friends I’ve made – not to mention the incredible photographs that were produced here, has made this experience one that will be close to my heart for the rest of my life.

October 2005

resident artist from Papua

I find the Bali Purnati to be a wonderful place. I’m very happy to stay and to work here. Purnati invited me to make some traditional paintings from Papua, where I come from. I’m planning to collaborate with an abstract painter from New York, Felicity Faulkner, who is also working at Purnati.
I’m making some drawings, abstract and figurative in a traditional Papua style. The subjects are human struggles and problems in the world we live in: incurable illness, the rich men forgetting the poor or people have a nice life dismissing God. As humans we must remember that we live together in one world.
After finishing figurative drawings I will be making some of shields with traditional patterns from Papua.
At the moment I’m making works on the paper. Later the drawings will be transferred onto wood to create paintings.
I hope through this collaboration I can help introduce Papua art internationally.

April 2005

resident artist from New York City

A major part of my five weeks stay at Bali Purnati has been about my mind learning to be still and allowing the essence of the place and the island to seep in.
In the USA (where I currently live), most are trained to be aggressively individual. It is quite the opposite in Bali. One is welcomed and wants to become a part of the whole: nature, time, community.
My first early morning sight of the almost unbearably beautiful rice terraces at Ceking, helped me understand this.I experienced the deepest desire to be part of the oneness.
Being here is a freeing experience for me. Instead of analyzing what I see and hear, I start feeling through my whole body, using all my senses. Sounds start having color and colors start having sounds. Certain elements that I had initially found sharp and somewhat jarring, I’m beginning to experience as part of the over-all harmony, as balancing points and counter points.

March - April 2005

Bhima Swarga workshop at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts
André Gingras residency
18 – 30 September 2006

Choreographer André Gingras (Holland/Canada), video artist Catarina Campino (Portugal) and dramaturge Sue Jane Stoker (USA) spent 2 weeks in residency at the Purnati Center, where they worked intensively with composer Rahayu Supanggah (Java) and 3 Indonesian dancers, I Gede Sudiarcana and Kadek Tegeh Okta Wm (both from Bali) and Indra Widaryatno (Jogjakarta). They also conducted a day-long residency at the SMK Negeri 2 Sukawati, filming a video with nine of the second- and third-year students from this high school for the arts.

During the residency, movement research was done with the three dancers, resulting in the filming of a second video featuring only these dancers, and a third video involving several of the students from SMK and the three resident dancers. Further research was done towards creating material for a possible collaboration on a live performance piece choreographed by Mr. Gingras and featuring the three resident dancers, and music performed by Mr. Supanggah and other Indonesian musicians. The plan is to present this in Utrecht as part of the Springdance 2007 Festival, in conjunction with the presentation of one or more of the videos filmed during the residency.

resident artists from Holland/Canada

The time I spent at Purnati was my first time in Indonesia, and I was deeply impressed by the richness of the culture and the depth of kindness of the people there. As for the Purnati Center itself, it creates an extraordinary opportunity for cultural exchange, facilitated by a very professional staff. This vibrant place creates and fosters an enthusiastic environment for the development of new forms in modern dance and visual arts.

resident artists from New York

The highlight of my time at Purnati was working on a collaborative project with fellow artist-in-residence Mark Giglio and two Balinese artists, I Wayan Suja and I Putu Sudiana ‘Bonuz’. The four of us collaborated on a mural, titled “Continuous Painting for the Village of Ubud”. The mural was completed during the second half of our residency and will hopefully develop into an on-going project. We settled on a process that involved intuitive layering and collaging of imagery, which was both challenging and liberating, as each artist had to trust the others to move the work forward in a way that would strengthen and enhance each other’s work. For me it was an incredibly positive experience that is already influencing the way I plan to approach my working process in the studio.

Visual language as a vital part of everyday life, the natural world as a constant reference and source of decorative/devotional imagery, a sense of images embedded, woven into the fabric of daily life, color as an offering, as a surprise moment…..these are some of the strongest impressions I take back from Bali, along with the incredible openness and kindness of the people I met there.

Carleen Sheehan, June 2006

First Stage: New York – Bali
A Collaborative Project Between Artists of Yayasan Bali Purnati, Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery and Ubud Community

We are honored to announce and initiate a new ART PROJECT: Continuous Painting for the Village of Ubud. The painting as an ongoing process, both in time and space will be displayed in both gallery-museum settings and in outdoor, public spaces in and around Ubud. At the same time the project is an open invitation to the international and Indonesian art communities: to visit, to work with us and to exchange ideas.

The purpose of this project is to create meaningful collaborative artwork, linking different cultures through a living work of art. Most importantly, its intention is to energize and welcome participation of the local communities: not only artists, but also small and large businesses and all residents of our area. We very much hope that the Continuous Painting will create more bridges between Yayasan Bali Purnati, Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery, the Ubud Community and the world. We also hope it will open new avenues of dialogue within our community, making its voices stronger and defined.

We are starting with the creation of a collaborative painting by four artists: two from New York, artists-in-residence at Yayasan Bali Purnati, the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts in Batuan: Carleen Sheehan and Mark Giglio, and two artists represented by Komaneka Fine Arts Gallery, I Putu Sudiana and I Wayan Suja.

May 2006

resident artist from New York

Open!, a multidisciplinary performance collaboration of poet/performer/activist Cok Sawitri from Bali and choreographer/video maker/director Dean Moss from New York City, was presented June 5, 2006 at the Art Center in Denpasar. It featured the young community theater/dance group Kelompok Tulus Ngayah and both artists in an in-progress performance. Co-produced by Yayasan bali Purnati, The Bali Purnati Center for the Arts, Kelompok Tulus Ngayah and Gametophyte Inc.,with additional support from Restu Kusumaningrum, the work represents the first phase in the development of an ambitious multipart project between the two artists.

The next phases of the project include a research trip to New York City for Cok Sawitri, to explore both experimental and community theater practices with Dean Moss serving as guide and colleague. Subsequently Moss plans to return to Bali and collaborate with Cok and her experimental performance company on a full evening work. This new performance will, like Open!, focus sincerely and critically on the timely sociopolitical questions of identity, cultural diversity and the integration of traditional and contemporary culture. Most importantly the project will be designed for presentation at and possibly replication by [at least in form] community groups and community based art centers all across Indonesia. Of course should the work inspire additional interest, there is also an optional plan to develop it for international touring.

In sharing this project and themselves, Cok Sawitri and Dean Moss, seek to deepen their individual creative practices and to establish a more culturally specific, community based model for experimental contemporary performance and international collaboration in Indonesia.

May - June 2006

resident artist from New York

The phase between ideas through the process of inspiration to a final art piece is what interests me most.
It is the act of creating sheets of ink drawings and doodles that look sometimes like incoherent writing, needed to be translated into three dimensional metal objects. At the end I use these wire sculptures to print, either onto paper or fabric.
The village sounds surrounding Purnati: temple music, people’s voices, laughter, motorbikes, geckos, roosters and dogs create an immense background and help me along in my working process. It is something I hoped and longed for being used to working in New York with its own background noises.

April – May, 2005 and May 2006

BALI DOUBLES is a new series of prints by Gerda van Leeuwen, artist in residence at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts
in April-May 2005 and May 2006.

I created the Doubles as a sequence to the banner series I did last year in Purnati. Each image consists of two square images forming the “banner” form although much smaller in format.


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resident artist from Berlin, Germany

”To me (working at the Bali Center for the Arts) it was important to conduct a piece that related to the environment, to react to a special spot or situation.
By installing a shimmering, light reflecting net structure between a line of palm trees I was able to focus attention on the constant play of light and shadow, the change of colors and atmosphere.”

February-March 2007

Jaring by Tina Born, 2007, site specific installation; wire, aluminum disks, variable size.

resident artist from Berlin, Germany
February-March 2007

Mathias working at Purnati and one of his drawings

artists-in-residence from Denmark

Our project was to create, compose and record a CD with sounds, music and atmosphere of Bali in a mix with our own music. Being artists-in-residence at Purnati was the most inspiring beginning for the project, as the spirit of the place and the environment invited us to go deeper into the early process of making music. Everywhere we experienced beautiful spaces and open-minded people, and all of the Purnati staff was very kind and happy to help connect us with the right local musicians. Being able to wake up early morning and be in a paradise, surrounded by butterflies and birds singing, were simply the best gift creative artists can receive. The Balinese ways of making art and performance is quite different from our ideas and that in itself was continually inspiring.
Other very fruitful meetings were with the other artists who stayed at Punati. We spent long hours in conversations about philosophy, art and networking. In a very concrete way we met Jan Tyniec, who will now make the photographs and cover art for our new CD. While back in our Copenhagen studio we will finalize our recordings and hope to release our CD next year.
We are certain to return, sooner or later, to Purnati and to Bali.

January-February 2008

Palle Windfeldt and Sille Grønberg

Kelley Morris
Artist in Residence
American, from Holden Beach, NC

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to discover ourselves exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the right time in life. Purnati was such an experience for me, the positive spirit there contagious, the opportunity for personal and professional growth, unlimited. Residency at Purnati provided me the necessary wide-open space, uninterrupted time, and fresh perspective to approach a new body of work in oil painting. It was simultaneously a relaxing and incredibly productive month, thanks to the genuinely supportive staff, readily available resources, and inspiration at every level of the senses. I was particularly struck by the saturation of color and texture in the landscape and foliage (I have never seen so many shades of green!), and the rich cultural history and traditions that continue to permeate daily life on the island. The Balinese commitment to the value of “process” in everything they do, rather than product, affected the way that I approached my own work as well. Painting sessions flowed… and were infused with a sense of joy, gratitude and humility, that freed me up to explore new color combinations and subject matter.

November 2009

Artist in residence from USA and Taiwan

Jane Ingram Allen is an American sculptor/installation artist and hand papermaker. At Purnati she worked on two projects: Printmaking Plants of Bali, Indonesia (created handmade papers using the leaves of banana, banyan tree, beach hibiscus, cogon grass, philodendron, sago palm and white-striped flax lily) and Map of Bali.
She is originally from Alabama and has been living in New York State since 1988. In 2004 she received a Fulbright Scholar Award for a six-month research project on hand papermaking in Taiwan. Her Fulbright grant was extended through July 2005 with sponsorship by the Taiwan Council for Cultural Affairs/National Endowment for Culture and Art. Her relationship with Taiwan continues till today: she has been teachimng and living there for several years.
Jane’s artworks are site-specific installations that are inspired by nature and created from materials collected in a particular place and time. Many of her works change over time and are focused on environmental issues. She makes collaborative works and community art projects that involve viewer participation and integrate the process with nature as a partner.

January-February 2009


For more information, visit her website at

Julien Dony
Artist in Residence, Holland

It was a great challenge during my stay to create contemporary art that avoids the traditional artistic impression of Bali. With the tremendous help from all the staff members and the wonderful support of Lady Restu, we created locations for staged photography that allowed us to investigate different points of view – those of upside down, the colour of a 21st century portrait and plastics as aesthetics.


Marc van Vugt and Ineke Vandoorn
Artist in Residence, Holland

Dutch singer-vocal artist- pianist Ineke Vandoorn and guitarist-composer Marc van Vugt, are currently working as artists- in-residence at the Bali Purnati Center. They have been working together for many years with their groups Vandoorn and their jazz chamber orchestra Big Bizar Habit. They released 9 CD’s, toured in Canada, Japan, Indonesia, France, Hungary, Macedonia and played at major jazz festivals in New York, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and The Hague.

April 2011

Ochtend (van Vugt / van Doorn)
Ineke van Doorn vocals, Paul van Kemenade alto, Marc van Vugt guitar. “Vrije Geluiden” 2001. CD ‘Uncovered’ by Vandoorn.

Paul Jensen
Artist in Residence

Upon arrival at the Purnati Arts centre I was given a welcome drink from one of the friendly staff and was shown around the complex where I was to be the artist in residence for the next month.

This place was very beautiful and away from the hustle & bustle of the ever-changing village of Ubud.
I was taken to a spot near the river overlooking a temple and a small water fall, the sound of the river and waterfall sent me to a place which really helped my creativity.

I instantly thought to myself what a great place to create artworks and just relax.
Initially I was meant to do a series on my time spent in Bali 2 years ago focusing on artworks relating to my experiences with cancer of the tonsil. After 4 days of working on this series I decided to change my direction and forget the past and begin working on the future, so I started to create work involving what was in my life at this time.

There were many beautiful things around me, so my subject matter involved things like temples, volcanoes, ceremonies, beaches, and statues. The beautiful river scene which was right were I was working was the perfect place for a large pastel painting which I could complete on site.
The medium I use when traveling are pastels and mixed media, I find these easy to travel with and there are no problems with customs. Whenever I travel I normally focus on landscape painting doing a series of works of the area in which I travel. But this time I’ve also created some abstract work relating to my stay at the arts center.

During my stay I traveled to a few different areas in Bali for some onsite artworks. Jasri beach was one location in the northeastern part of Bali, Mount Agung was visible and I was lucky enough to get a pastel painting done of this massive volcano on the day. I also managed to do some beach scenes with mixed media, which also proved to be interesting; this painting was one of my favorites from my stay.
My time at Purnati Arts Center was very productive. It enabled me to really focus on what I love doing, and that is creating interesting artwork.
Thank you to all the staff at Purnati for making my stay such a happy & memorable event.

Paul Jensen

Arul Ramiah
Artist in Residence
Dance of the Divine Nymphs

Tonight’s performance found me. The gods of Bali appear to have conspired with the staff in Purnati. At their gentle urging I started working with the Balinese dance goddess Murni. Under Murni’s stern command I was initiated into secret ceremonial Balinese dances – rejang and legong. I hope to start a cross-cultural experiment – to marry the watery Balinese dance with the fiery movements of Bharatanatyam.

Tonight’s show is entirely improvisational. No set choreography. I hoped to rely on the God and spirits of Purnati for this site-specific work. I had chosen various sacred spots in Purnati – the Banyan tree, the stone temple, the cave by the river and the amphitheatre. I will make an offering to each of these sites and ask the spirits for permission before I dance. We have not invited anyone – no audience in the traditional sense. I have chosen my favorite music – none of them traditional dance music – whether from the Bharanatyam universe or legong universe. But all imbued with deep personal meaning for me – a combination of divine tamil songs, jathis from my guru KJ Sarasa and a piano composition from an Italian pianist Einaudi. This cross cultural playlist is partly a tribute to the founders of Purnati. It is also a reflection of my recent journeys.

26 February 2012

Vivian Oyarbide
Artist in Residence

The opportunity to return to Bali as an artist in residence at Yayasan Purnati was both a great privilege and a magical experience. In Bali I was inspired to freely experiment with my art and to push the boundaries of my previous work so as to change the direction of my painting during the course of my artist residency. The works I created are the beginnings of a new series of paintings in progress.

Abbie Matthews
Artist in Residence

After ten months of traveling through America and Europe, I came to The Bali Purnati Center for the Arts for a month long residency. It was the last month of my long journey, and I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful, supportive and inspiring environment. I arrived intending to draw upon past memories of being in Bali as a 5 year old, but quickly changed my direction to focusing on the present, as it was special and needed to be captured. My main inspiration came from the staff, watching their daily routines of making offerings and their strong attention to detail. The people around me became my friends, and I would spend hours speaking to them about their lives in Bali, their beliefs, their traditions, their stories. This was an environment where I could focus on exactly what I love doing, chatting to people and painting.

During my stay I was taken to temples, markets and dances, experiences that I also drew upon for inspiration. An incredible moment was watching the sun set over a temple called Uluwatu and watching the silhouettes of monkeys dancing against the sky. My experience at Bali Purnati Center for the Arts is one that I will cherish. It was a month in which I could focus on my work whilst being supported and encouraged. Thank you to everyone who makes this residency a reality. It was truly magic.


Sara Velas
Artist in Residence

Batuan, Bali, Indonesia

Los Angelenos at Yayasan Bali Purnati
An afternoon tour of cultural exchange in Bali & Java with Ellen C. Caldwell and Sara Velas


Saturday, June 28th, 2014

4-6 pm

The Velaslavasay Panorama
1122 West 24th Street
Los Angeles, California

Reservations are not necessary for this free event.
In February 2014, two cultural representatives from Los Angeles participated in arts residencies at the Bali Purnati Center for the Arts as part of the Cultural Exchange International program of the Department of Cutural Affairs. Join Ellen C. Caldwell and Sara Velas for a visual tour of their experiences in Indonesia and an afternoon visit in the gardens of The Velaslavasay Panorama.

Ellen C. Caldwell is an LA-based art historian, writer, and featured contributor to the New American Paintings blog and KCET’s Artbound. Caldwell earned her grant to travel to Bali to complete an arts writing residency. While there she interviewed over 15 artists and is spending the rest of the year writing about the artists, their work, their processes, and her experiences. Read more here about her time in Bali here.

Sara Velas is the Director of The Velaslavasay Panorama which she founded on Hollywood Boulevard in the year 2000. Her residency time was spent in Bali and Java investigating storytelling traditions including Wayang Kulit shadow puppetry, Wayang Beber scroll painting and Barong Dance. Ms. Velas created a series of animated postcards while in Indonesia which can be viewed here.


The Cultural Exchange International Residency Program has been made possible
in part by the Department of Cultural Affairs of the city of Los Angeles
and The Bali Purnati Center for the Arts.


Vivian Oyarbide
Artist in Residence

The opportunity to return to Bali as an artist in residence at Yayasan Purnati was both a great privilege and a magical experience. In Bali I was inspired to freely experiment with my art and to push the boundaries of my previous work so as to change the direction of my painting during the course of my artist residency. The works I created are the beginnings of a new series of paintings in progress.

Hong Zhu An is, without doubt, one of the finest artist working in Singapore today. Originally from China, he has trained in both Chinese traditional art and Western art. The paintings glow with the layered pigments that’re placed stroke by stroke upon rice paper, the under-layers burning their way to the surface of the blocks of the colours. Each layer consists of thousands of calligraphic strokes creating a flow of colour contained…

Performances by Jennifer Rose


Amalia Gil-Merino
Artist in Residence, visual artist from Spain (June- July 2016)

Working in Australia and Germany, where she was trained (M.A. by research at FU and University of Fine Arts Berlin) created a project specific for Bali Purnati Center of the arts: the works on paper are mounted on textiles from the island of Bali showing brighten pure pigments and laques.

Frangipani flowers, coconut trees, geckos and dragonflies embellish the rice fields’ views from the rice-barn-studio with the sound of the river murmuring the beauty of nature. There are magical places on earth. Yayasan Bali Purnati is one of them. Creating art here is an amazing experience, which will walk along with me, reminding me softly the privilege of being an artist”.

“My art practice is deeply enriched with the originality of Balinese traditions: The idea of relating different cultures in an artistic form (pigments from all over the world, Spanish paper and Balinese textiles) came into reality thanks to the richness of the cultural heritage of Indonesia along with the Balinese nature and its animism and mythology: the Ramayana stories, Legong dances, the Barong dances in Batuan, the Fire-Kecak dances in Uluwatu, Gamelan Concerts in the Art Center in Denpasar, the Wayang Kulit/ puppet shadow, the volcan Gunung Agung, Indonesia islands and Papua New Guinea….I couldn’t wish for more, even in a fairy tale! Thanks to Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum for making it real, thanks to Ni Wayan Wartini and the fabulous team of Bali Purnati Centre for the Arts/ Yayasan Bali Purnat for enabling me to discover it.”

Click here to download pdf version
Richard Lee

Richard Lee
Artist in Residence, visual artist from Australia (June- July 2016)

I was moved by the Balinese reverence for nature and the spiritual life, expressed through daily prayer and offerings made to the gods of all things large or small.
The sense of spirits all around and the energy of lush vegetation infused my consciousness as did the fantastic mythological visions of the Ramayana, Wayan Kulit (shaddow puppets)and  the Kecak and Legong dances and temple carvings.
The staff of Bali Purnati, and local people generously shared their deep spiritual beliefs and practice. And my vision of the human condition shifted when seen through another cultural lens; as a natural balance of harmony – Dharma and chaos – Adharma.

I found myself painting strange themes; demon lovers intertwined in a tree, a cremation with a life reincarnated, sprits in nature and an interpretation of Moksa (Hindu: liberation ) with Legong dancers as the models.
The experience in residency of Bali Purnati refreshed my sense of freedom in painting. I am grateful for this joy and privilege.”

Click here to download pdf version

Evan Silver
Artist in Residence, from Chicago, IL, United States (February – June 2017)

Raised in a vibrant arts environment in Chicago by a banjo-playing printmaker and an architect, Evan Silver developed a passion for creative storytelling from an early age. He recently graduated with honors from Brown University with a B.A. in Literary Arts and a focus in Writing for Performance. A theatre director and playwright, he also has experience in film, photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, graphic design, fiction, and poetry, all informing his practice as a theatre artist. His work explores themes of human constancy and variation across time and place, as well as tropes and archetypes drawn from ancient and modern mythologies ranging from Arabian folklore to apocalyptic cinema. Evan is also a musician and composer, and his music – a fusion of folk, jazz and pop styles – often plays an important role in his creative work. In addition to Brown, Evan has trained at Drama Centre London, the Yale School of Drama, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Second City, and Lookingglass Theatre. He has been living in Bali for the last year on a Henry Luce Scholarship with artist residencies at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub and The Bali Purnati Center For The Arts. While in Bali, he has studied traditional Balinese performing arts, including topeng masked dance with I Gusti Ngurah Windia (Carangsari), mask-carving with Ida Bagus Alit (Lodtunduh), gamelan with I Gusti Ngurah Artawan (Carangsari), and wayang kulit shadow puppetry with I Wayan Wija (Peliatan). Next year, Evan will pursue a master’s degree in theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London on a two-year Marshall Scholarship from the British Government.


A new mystical dance-drama based on a folk tale from central java. now brought to life by actors, dancers, musician, and artists from across the Indonesian archipelago.

The Heron & Fish Booklet (2017)