Yayasan Bali Purnati is proud to announce
its maiden collaborative exhibition in Singapore, Fung Ming Chip: To Be & Not To Be

a special collaboration between Singapore-based collector, Christopher Franck, and Hong Kong-based artist, Fung Ming Chip
The project is being hosted at The Private Museum.
Here is a sneak peek to the site-specific conceptual installation!

In addition, you may take a look at what happened behind the scenes at The
Private Museum at the link below:

The Opening Reception will be on 23 October 2012, Tuesday at 6.30pm and
an Artist’s Talk will take place on 27 October 2012, Saturday at 3pm at The Private Museum.

Join the artist as he explores the core concept of calligraphy, negotiating between now and eternity…
If you have yet to register your attendance, do drop an email at
mail@theprivatemuseum.org or call us at 6738 2872.

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