Artist-in-Residence Program has been a part of Purnati since 2000, the first year of its existence. We invite individual artists of all disciplines to stimulate exchange of ideas and to inspire collaborative projects between artists and arts of Indonesia and the world.

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TINA BORN, resident artist from Berlin, Germany

”To me (working at the Bali Center for the Arts) it was important to conduct a piece that related to the environment, to react to a special spot or situation.
By installing a shimmering, light reflecting net structure between a line of palm trees I was able to focus attention on the constant play of light and shadow, the change of colors and atmosphere."

February-March 2007

Jaring by Tina Born, 2007, site specific installation; wire, aluminum disks, variable size.
MATHIAS HORNUNG, resident artist from Berlin, Germany
February-March 2007
Mathias working at Purnati and one of his drawings
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