Artist-in-Residence Program has been a part of Purnati since 2000, the first year of its existence. We invite individual artists of all disciplines to stimulate exchange of ideas and to inspire collaborative projects between artists and arts of Indonesia and the world.

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Performances by Jennifer Rose

Artist in Residence: Amalia Gil-Merino
Visual artist from Spain (June- July 2016)

Working in Australia and Germany, where she was trained (M.A. by research at FU and University of Fine Arts Berlin) created a project specific for Bali Purnati Center of the arts: the works on paper are mounted on textiles from the island of Bali showing brighten pure pigments and laques. Frangipani flowers, coconut trees, geckos and dragonflies embellish the rice fields’ views from the rice-barn-studio with the sound of the river murmuring the beauty of nature. There are magical places on earth. Yayasan Bali Purnati is one of them. Creating art here is an amazing experience, which will walk along with me, reminding me softly the privilege of being an artist”. “My art practice is deeply enriched with the originality of Balinese traditions: The idea of relating different cultures in an artistic form (pigments from all over the world, Spanish paper and Balinese textiles) came into reality thanks to the richness of the cultural heritage of Indonesia along with the Balinese nature and its animism and mythology: the Ramayana stories, Legong dances, the Barong dances in Batuan, the Fire-Kecak dances in Uluwatu, Gamelan Concerts in the Art Center in Denpasar, the Wayang Kulit/ puppet shadow, the volcan Gunung Agung, Indonesia islands and Papua New Guinea….I couldn’t wish for more, even in a fairy tale! Thanks to Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum for making it real, thanks to Ni Wayan Wartini and the fabulous team of Bali Purnati Centre for the Arts/ Yayasan Bali Purnat for enabling me to discover it.”

June- July 2016

Artist in Residence: Richard Lee
visual artist from Australia (June- July 2016)

I was moved by the Balinese reverence for nature and the spiritual life, expressed through daily prayer and offerings made to the gods of all things large or small. The sense of spirits all around and the energy of lush vegetation infused my consciousness as did the fantastic mythological visions of the Ramayana, Wayan Kulit (shaddow puppets)and the Kecak and Legong dances and temple carvings. The staff of Bali Purnati, and local people generously shared their deep spiritual beliefs and practice. And my vision of the human condition shifted when seen through another cultural lens; as a natural balance of harmony – Dharma and chaos – Adharma. I found myself painting strange themes; demon lovers intertwined in a tree, a cremation with a life reincarnated, sprits in nature and an interpretation of Moksa (Hindu: liberation ) with Legong dancers as the models. The experience in residency of Bali Purnati refreshed my sense of freedom in painting. I am grateful for this joy and privilege.”

June- July 2016

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